Coming back

Dear all my readers, I am begging your pardon since the last post that I made I may took a lil too long pause since of my routines. But now I’m ready for more posts that I’ve been planning for since I’m still on my pause.
Hope you’ll still there though 🙂
And I guess I had too much drafts now.
Shall we start with some haul?
Well,since even if I’m on my blogging pause, but I still do a lot some shopping guess ill share some of my hauls first.

I’ll see you soon 😀


June-July Haul & Review

Hey fellas! I’m so sorry I can’t write anything new for almost a month. Getting sooo dam busy after my exam, and I’m starting my internship now. So, yeah, I only get a bit of time to share with you.

Okay, let’s get going! I’ll repay for this one month with my June Haul Post. This whole month I’ve been buying a lot of nail polishes, and today I just spent my day with my man and he bought me some things that I wanted, such as the Hadalabo series that people been craving for! They’re here in Jakarta, and I just can’t resist to go to Watsons and grab myself some of it. So, just read the whole post to see more!

Okay, here is some of my nail art hauls. Since I’m still a student either, and my pocket money is limited too, you’ll see that my products isn’t the pricey one. Please bear with it :p. I’ve been buying these things Kim Kim Shop on Facebook,, Gramedia and Here’s the list :

Here’s my haul from Gramedia, from top to bottom :

  1. Souffle pen in black. I’m using this one for drawing bees, dots or whatever. It works well on me.
  2. Souffle pen in white. I don’t know why, but this one wont work as well as the black one. It always smudging and wont come in a clear form if I’m using it on my nails. Muuh L
  3. Aqualip in blue. This one kinda light blue, it works well too.
  4. Aqualip in pink. This one is my bf’s favorite, I don’t know why lol, it works well too. Oh And I get these for Rp 11.000 each.

And these are my two smallest art brushes that I’m using for my nail art, the left one is from, and the right one is Can’t really remember the price but it’s not more than Rp 5.000,- I guess.

Forgot to rotate, sorry >.<

Cheap & Fun!

And then, these are my Pokari nail polishes, they are from Stroberi shop, contains 8 ml and cost Rp 6.000 each. I know they’re cheap but they has the BPOM number under the bottle. From top, left to right :

  1. Violet glitter, No. B200. It has sheer color and the glitter isn’t really full when you apply it on one coat. It’s pretty nice to apply on top of your base color.
  2. Deep blue sea, No. G78. Just bought this one today and the color is reaaaally cute, soft blue with some shimmer on it. The color is pretty sheer but it’s pretty nice IMO.
  3. White, No. 8. This one is really hard to apply, just wont go opaque with me, sigh T_T
  4. Bright yellow, No. 801. Finally get this bright yellow one for my bumble bee nail art. The color is pretty sheer either, so you need 2-3 coats to get it opaque enough to see the bright color.
  5. Shocking pink, DA-4. My favorite!! I know it’s cheap and all, but this one glides smoothly really easy, and with just one coat you’ll get an opaque shocking pink nail. It’s really easy to work with.
  6. Shimmering blue, No. 6. This one is kinda hard to work with either, you gotta pick up a good amount of it and spread it fast and steady, which I’m not really good at it.
  7. Nude peach, DA-3. This one is in nude peach color with some shimmer. It looks really nice on the bottle, but the consistency isn’t really good. It’s too sheer for me, and it won’t show really much.


Next is my Etude ones :

My Etude House nail polishes, the left one is the bright pink PK003, and the right one is my base coat. Kinda disappointed with the pink one, it’s not opaque at all, hard to work with, and the brush left you marks after you apply them. Sigh, I’m really sad since I had pretty high expectations for it. These two cost me Rp 30.000 or $3 each from Kim Kim Online Shop.

The Skin Food base colors nail polishes :

left to right

  1. The Skin Food Nail Vita in BR 611. This one is the basic brown nail polish, if you want to add the chocolate dips looks on your nails, guess you’ll need this one. It’s really just the basic brown color without any shimmer on it. It glides easily, the pigmentation is pretty nice.
  2. The Skin Food Nail Vita BW 704. The basic white nail polish, not so hard to work with, at least with a good coat you can make it opaque and clean. This nail vita series’ brushes is quite nice, it’s long and not so wide but easy to work with.
  3. The Skin Food Nail Vita BW 701. When I search it on internet I thought this one is the basic black color without any shimmer or whatever. It turns out to be blue-black color, black with some blue accent shimmer on it. I thought I wouldn’t like this one, but it turned out WRONG! The color is reaaaally pretty, black with some blue shimmer accent on it, make it looks like the dark sky with lots of stars on it ❤
  4. The Skin Food Nail Vita Essence. It’s supposed to give nutrients to your nails. Give your nails one nice coat, when it’s getting dry you can feel that the surface has some oil on it. I give some massage on my finger and nails with it, it makes my nails feels smoother and healthier.
  5. The Skin Food Nail Vita Crystal Pearl Top Coat. Hehe, I never thought that it’ll come out with some violet shimmer on it. I thought it wouldn’t be good either, but it turned out pretty good, it gives shimmer on your nails. I guess it depends on what you wanted to make on your nails, it wouldn’t be pretty if your piggy or penguins on your nails has violet shimmer on it, right? 😀

Miscellaneous things that I bought from riebutik, they just came to my house like an hour ago, lol.

  1. Etude House Eyelash Curler Silicon Type. Eyelash curler, cheap, and in pink color! It works well, the color is so cute, and it’s only cost me Rp 18.000.
  2. Etude House Styling Eyeliner AD 01 in Black. This is my second eyeliner, and it’s in retractable form.  I’ve tried it a bit, it’s quite easy to work with. Guess I’ll review it soon. Oh, and it’s really cheap! Got this one for Rp 28.000,-
  3. The Face Shop daily Beauty Tools High Glossy 2 Step Buffer. This buffer is cool, it only took a short time and my nails isn’t dull anymore. This one for Rp 13.000,-.
  4. The bottom one is my bobby pins, got these from Stroberi this afternoon :p. Need these for my updos.

My cheap nail polishes, from left to right :

  1. No label, red-burgundy-like color. I don’t know why I bought this one, as I remember got this one from a girlie shop and this one cost me Rp 4.000 or so. Like $0.50. Just because I feel uneasy only buying the glowing pink one. Lol.
  2. Cherveen, glowing pink. This one is so sheer, but the color is cute and it’s cheap so I bought it. Got this one for Rp 7500. These cheap polishes really shows me, and you, how bad I can be in front of cute things, lol, how compulsive I am L
  3. Cherveen, yellow cracking polish. I wanted a bright yellow nail polish to make bumble bee nail arts, so I took this one with me, not knowing that it’s the cracking one! Fool me, I just read the price label which as the ‘cracking’ sign on it after I went to the restaurant. So yeah… Never use it.. Guess really need to find a cute way to use this. Got this one for Rp 7500 either.
  4. Cherveen, pink sand polish. This one has some glitter on it which looks like a sand when you applied it. It’s pretty cute ❤
  5. No label, shimmering choco color. Love how this one looks, it has smooth finish and the pigmentation is pretty nice. Unfortunately the brush is really small and it has the bad smell. Well yea, the price wont fool you, got this one for Rp 7500 either.

Next, is my beauty product. Just got these today, from left to right :

  1. Maybeline Baby Lips, Anti-oxidant berry. Saw a lot of review of these thing yesterday, and end up wants one for me too. I almost use all of my Nivea Lip Therapy, and it’s melted alredy since it’s really hot in Jakarta =.= So I take this one as my current lip balm, it smells really nice! Got this one from Watsons for Rp 18.900,-. Let’s see how it goes, and I’ll update it later 😀
  2. Hadalabo, Ultimate Whitening Lotion. Yeay finally my first hadalabo! Really excited to try this on me. I choose the whitening series one since I already had combi skin. Got this from Watsons too for Rp 41.900,-. I’ll review these series later.
  3. Hadalabo, Ultimate Whitening Face Wash. This one is the small one, 50g and it cost me Rp 14.900,-. Can’t wait to test it!

Misc nail art things :

Glitters, micro beads, liner, dotting tools, fake nails

Fimo and nail glue, which is SUPER HARD. Superb glue indeed.

Ohkay, guess I’ve been typing a lot today. Here’s some bonus to show my regret for not posting anything for a month: my June Favorite Snacks!

  1. Cha Cha Peanut. I just can’t get enough of it! Whenever I awake in the middle of the night and just can’t get back to sleep, I always eat these while watching some Korean reality shows. How comforting 😀 Ah, I’ll gain more fat soon I guess..
  2. Fitbar Nutty! These are the new healthy snack, and it really is GOOD! It has the rice crispies on it and some nuts, and it makes me go nuts! It’s really good, you gotta try this one! Since I don’t like raisins and assume the fruity one would has typical same taste so I never try it :p Oh this one cost me Rp 2.900 normally, but Watsons has it on sale so I got two of these for Rp 4.900,- Hurray!
  3. Paldo Jjajang Men. Anyone knows Jjajangmyeon? If you like Korean dramas, I assume you already know this one. It’s noodles with some soy sauce seasoning, but not like the soy sauce here in Indonesia, it tastes different, can’t really tell you in words, you gotta try this one! It’ll cost you Rp 12.900 or so, but the sauce is already in paste, and it’s really tasty, no need to make the sauce or whatever.

Guess that’s all for today, I’ll update with some swatch for those nail polishes since i don’t have time for now and I still need to do some work for my research soon.

Ah, please do comment below and if you need anything I’m here at puffyfluffy71 (at) yahoo (dot) com. And thank you so much for all of your emails, I really appreciate it! I’ll see you soon, thank you and smoochies :*

Wardah Eyeshadow (3-in-1 Eyeshadow) Review and Swatch G Palette

Hello, i’m back with another beauty product review ^o^

Sorry for the long jump since my last post, since i’m really busy this month for my upcoming internship. Wish me luck!

Today i’ll make the review based on my current eyeshadow, Wardah eyeshadow, this one has 3 in one color eyeshadow on one mini pallette. It’s a local brand in Indonesia, which claims that they only use ‘hallal’ ingredients, therefore all of their products are ‘hallal’ for moslem people 🙂

Here’s the product, with lil mirror on the up side of it :

It’s the G Palette, 4.2 g

Can’t really use the applicator, no use.

This is how it looks on my hand, about 5 times rubbing it on my hands.

Here’s my review on it :

+ Affordable, and available locally in Indonesia

+ One thing that they always claims, it’s ‘hallal’

– The color is really hard to blend with, and  it’s not really pigmented since it’s really hard to make the color show on my eyelid. Using my finger, the applicator, and it’s sucks, even with my eyeshadow brush, it just won’t show off. ALL OF THEM ;(

– The color is fading REAL easy, it only took 2-3 hours on my oily eyelid, and i can’t really see the diiference between the colors that i put on my eyelid. I use about 2-3 color on the same time, but it’s fading away and i really can’t tell the difference.

Even though my eyelid is oily, but since i’m using my Monistat primer, and put some of my face base after the primer, it’s not that oily anymore, after about 8 hours the oil starts to some out, but it won’t bother me anymore. But yeah, sigh, this is what you can get with this cheap pallete.

What you pay is what you get, and money won’t ever lie to you in terms of quality. That’s what my father always said to me. That’s true in terms of make up lah 🙂

I get this one for Rp 32.500,- or about $4. That’s somehow cheap here, and lots of my friend using this one kind of eyeshadows, i dunno why lol. Guess that’s because of the availability that we really find it’s hard to find good kind of makeup thingy near our place.

I know a lot of people love this brand, and i’m also using it’s face scrub and makeup remover. I’ll make the review soon 😀

So, tell me how’s your opinion about it if any of you tried it before, and please comment below. Sorry for the bad quality of pictures, since i only got my phone for it.  If you need me for something or any question you can find me on puffyfluffy71 (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Okay, thank you for your clicks, and i’ll see you soon, smoochies :*

Review Nivea Pinkish Boost

Hello, another beauty product review, yay! 😀

Lippies, anyone didn’t have lippies more than 3? or 5? or 10? 20? Haha, i’m just one of those people (or maybe you too? 😀 ) who never get enough of those lippies. Don’t they are just too amazing to be left without?

This one is Nivea Pinkish Boost. What do you think after you heard that name? For me, makes my lips looks smoother and naturally rosy pink. Geez, too high expectations. As this one is just like liquid lip balm with some sheer pinkish color on you lips.

This is how it looks :

The product and the tip :

This is how the tip looks, and the product is some gel-liquid like in pink color with some gold shimmer.

My product review :

+ It gives you the light pink sheer color on your lips. The color is pretty nice actually, but since my lips is in dark color and the color isn’t the same on every part of it, it just not that nice on me.

+ affordable price, get this one for about Rp 24.000,- or $2.5 on the department store. It available locally in almost every department store in Indonesia as far as i know.

+ almost feels as if we using lip balm and lip gloss on the same time, plus the sheer pink color.

– Give you the greasy feeling, it just feels as you had some oil on you lips. Not so good la.

– It doesn’t give much moist to my lips. As my lips is pretty dry, and it won’t give any moist after 1 hour or so. Pretty bad, and it makes my lips getting dryer, only left with the oily feeling but dry lips. Can you imagine? Dry and oily at the same time, it’s actually dry, but there’s some oily FEELING on my lips. But nah, it’s starting to chapped T_T

– doesn’t make the pink color stays on my lips, as it said so on the outer package, sigh.


My Review

Package : 4/5 The color save you, pinkish! 🙂

Quality : 2/5

Price : 3/5

Total : 3/5

Repurchase : No no~


This one is a not a good product for me, as i’m only using it for like a month, and throw it into my home makeup case ever since i had my Nivea Intensive Care. As it gives me better moisture.

Guess that’s all for now, see you soon on other review~ *smooch

Review Maybelline Mascara The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof

Hello, another review, yay! 😀

Today, it’s a review based on my current mascara. With a very long name. Maybelline The Hyper Curl Volum’ Express Waterproof Mascara. Love this one.

Who the hell can live without mascara? Everyone 😀

But nah, beauty addict can’t live without mascara la. When i go out, since i can’t use eyeliner until now T_T, i only use moisturizer, face base, lip tint, lip balm and this mascara. Before i’m using this one, i’m using one from mavala, a waterproof one. But sadly it always smudging on me after 3 or 4 hours. Geez, i ain’t a panda la.

This is how it looks :

The brush :

See the tip of the brushes? Kinda clumpy, but if you do the wiggle-forward move, it won’t clump that bad. Plus, i always use eyelashes brush after using this mascara, to make sure there’s no clump at all, and it’ll help your lashes looks longer. I hate clumps, it makes me looks silly la. Hehe.

Got this one for Rp 55.000,- It’s pretty afforable and great quality, it’s probably about $6 or so. Get this one from Giant Department Store, haha. Well, you can find it at almost every department store i guess.


Product Review :

+ no clump, if you use it with the right way

+ affordable price, nice quality

+ it’s perfectly staying and waterproof on my eyelashes. FYI, i love to rub my eyes if some dust goes in, but this one stay.

– doesn’t give the curl that i wanted, only the length and volume, duh i don’t need volume that much actually.

– afterall it’s nice, but this one haven’t fulfill all the thing i wanted from my mascara.


Package : 3/5

Quality : 4/5

Price : 5/5

Total Review : 4/5

Repurchase : Yes yes! Oui oui!


This one is for daily use, since i almost always use the mascara, but i really want to try the Majolica Majorca ones. Dam, been longing to have that one. My boyfriend said he’ll get me that Majolica Majorca soon, and i really set my expectations high. Lol.

So, i’ll see you soon on the other review. Please do comment, and if you need anything from me, questions or so, i’m here on puffyfluffy71 (at) yahoo (dot) com. *smooch


PS. Thank you so much for those who follows my blog, i’ll follow you too as soon as i get my internet connection better 😀

Review All In One Face Base The Body Shop – No. 4

Long time no write, hehehe. Are you good fellas? Was hoping not too many fans getting down because of the A7X concert last night 🙂

Today i’ll give you my review on my current face base, All-In-One Face Base The Body Shop No. 4. This is powder and foundation in a compact place, provide nice face base that won’t waste too much time, with buildable coverage, and nice finishing touch.

This is how it looks :

The back view :

How it looks :

The upper place is for storing your sponge, the sponge is really nice and giving flawless look on my skin, and the lower one is where the powder is. Does it looks too light? Pardon for my android camera, actually it’s pretty warm color, about NC25 or so.

This is actually the photo taken back right after i bought it, and it was like 1 and half month ago. Now… it hit the pan already, lol 😀 I’m asking the SA for the color that match my skin, the No. 3 shade is too light, really light on me, but the No.4 match me nicely. I’ve read a lot of reviews that said the color shade is really light for them, i don’t know as i found that they has 10 shade, but i find it’s not too light for Indonesian skin, guess that for NC 35 above that having hard time to find the right shade for them.

This is review for the product :

+ powder and foundation in one, it won’t waste my precious morning time 🙂 After i bought it, i’m getting too lazy to put my BB cream on my face, and just end up going out with moisturizer and this face base.

+ it give me nice buildable, matte finish look. Well, my combination skin always needs a lot of blotting , this face base helps, a bit actually, i just need to blot like once every 3-4 hour. Fyi, i’m a college student in Depok, Indonesia, so i’m doing my routines everyday, outdoor, in very humid and hot place, so that’s how it affect my face. Guess that would be different in other situation.

+ the staying power is ok

+ the color match my skin

– gives stain to my clothes. Just be careful when you’re undressing or accidentally rubbing your face on fabric or something, it’ll leave you stain, just like face powder stain 😦

– it kinda pricey, get this one for Rp 209.000,- from The Body Shop counter on Margo City, guess that would be like $23 or so.

– just build it a bit at a time, because it’ll give you cakey look if you don’t.

– it has a bit fragrance on it, not so annoying and it’s ok on me since it’ll fade after 3 sec or so.


Well, actually i bought this face base after i’m looking for dupe of MAC Studio Fix Powder +Foundation, but i can’t find the official counter of it near me, and it’s really hard for me looking for the right color from those color swatch from the internet. So i need to find a substitute, that i can reach easily and look for the color that match my skin nicely.

Oh, and don’t put any BB cream underneath it, it’ll looks cakey badly, lol, i know, silly me 😀 But i’m just trying la.

Guess that’s my tips if you looking for a new face powder or face base, if you think it’s hard to see if the color is right from the internet, it’s waaaay better if you just come to the counter and ask the SA.


Package : 5/5 Love the package ❤

Quality : 4/5

Price : 2/5

Total Review : 4/5

Repurchase : Badly, it hit the pan already! Guess i’m using it too dam often :p

* FYI, i’m purchasing this product by myself, and didn’t get anything from it. Hope this would be helpful. Thank you.

Need something from me? I’m here on puffyfluffy71 (at) yahoo (dot) com. And please do leave comment or so, i’ll gladly listen to any of it 😀

I’ll write to you soon *smooch

Review Dodora – Lip And Nipple Brightening Essence

Hello fellas, today i’d like to make a quick review for my most stupid skincare product that i bought at the end of last year, and it was Dodora Lip and Nipple Brightening Essence. Most Indonesian people would recall it as ‘pemerah bibir dodora’ or something like that. There’s A LOT of online shop here in Indonesia selling this product.

Actually at first i really want to buy this thing because of my bad shaped and stupid color of my lippies. Eventually, when i saw this product i have a lot of expectations. Short story i bought it from online shop on my Facebook (can’t remember which shop).

Here’s how it looks like when i got it :

This is how it looks, the tube has pointed tip, and i didn’t mean to do anything with it but some of the product seems to love my flannel :

Here’s how it’s getting interesting.

At first the product is white coloured, but after awhile the color will start to change and end up with, IMO, cheap pink color. And the pink is no the one that you want to see on your lips.

It screams ARTIFICIAL when it should be naturally pink, sigh..

I’ll try it on  my hand

After a moment

Probably can’t see it clearly, since i have dark skin :”(

But one thing that makes it interesting, it stains my flannel. You can see how small the product that stains my flannel actually right? After i realized it, i try to swipe and clean it instantly.

At first i thought i slightly clean it, but it leave some white mark on my flannel. Then i leave it and do another things, and i don’t realize what happened to my flannl after that.

And here’s how it turned out to be :

It’s the front

Here’s how the back :

Stain on the back of the flannel

Kinda small, but it’s awful. That’s the cheap color i’ve been talking about, and it stains badly too.

I never thought that it would go all the way through the back. And once i try to use it on my nip too *ooooh embarassing!*

And it does the SAME THING on my undies =.=”

Would you want some pink stains on your things? I don’t.

I bought it for Rp 50.000,- About $5, and that’s somewhat cheap, because some other seller would sell it at $8-12. That’s how they steal my money T_T

Review rate :

Package 1/5

Quality 1/5

Afterall rate 1/5

Would NEVER buy it anymore =.=”

Anyone had any experince with it before? Or is there anyone who feel that they actually makes your lips brighter? I’d be glad if you’d like to share with me 😀 Here’s my email if you need to tell something to me too ->

I’ll see you on the other review guys~